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Operation Happy Feet: SockGuy Gives Chicago Bike Ambassadors Socks

Chicago bike ambassadors SockGuy

SockGuy is excited to partner (again!) with the Chicago Department of Transportation to promote bike safety in the city.

For the past few years, SockGuy has donated socks for the bike ambassador program, making sure the ambassadors’ feet stay comfy through the season.

“Since our team bikes nearly a thousand miles a season, what helped make last season a stand-out year for our program was the key ingredient to a comfortable ride: SockGuy socks,” says Carlin Thomas of CDOT Pedestrian and Bike Safety Program. “Every team member swears by the comfort and reliability of your product and shares this practical advice with members of the public during outreach events.”

The Ambassadors are planning “A SockGuy Bicycling Ambassador Field Trip” where they will document a day’s work of an Ambassador rocking a pair of SockGuy socks, highlighting their travels with photos and a short journal. Can’t wait to see it!

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – John Rowan

John Rowan SockGuy

Meet Die Hard SockGuy Fan John Rowan from Drexel Hill, PA.

John loves downhill mountain biking because it gives him an adrenaline rush.

He loves riding bikes because it’s given him the opportunity to travel and meet lots of people, some of whom have become his best friends.

John wears SockGuy at work and on the bike because he it provides “pure comfort all day long” and he can feel the difference.  Whether he’s riding, working, or standing still, you can bet that SockGuy will be right there with him!

We are glad you LUV SockGuy!

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – Tim Ek

Tim Ek SockGuy

Meet Die Hard SockGuy Fan Tim Ek from Duluth, MN.

He loves Ultra Endurance Mountain Biking and Ultra Distance Gravel Road Racing because it pushes him beyond the limits of what he thinks he can do.

Because of the distance he covers when he rides, he needs high-performance socks, and has been wearing SockGuy for the last 6 years.

SockGuy has been with him through 5 Trans Iowa Races, 4 Dirty Kanza 205′s, a Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series championship and countless other adventures on his bike.

Because the SockGuy socks are comfortable to wear and consistently perform, it’s one less thing Tim has to worry about on his 25 hour non-stop rides.

Tim loves SockGuy because of our high quality and great designs.

“I always end up talking to someone about Sock Guy after they ask about my socks…Thanks SockGuy for always being there!”

If you want to follow Tim’s journey, check out his website.

SockGuy donates socks to Polar Bottle Happy Hour

SockGuy and Polar Bottle

SockGuy was proud to donate socks to Polar Bottle Happy Hour for PeopleForBikes.

Over 150 bike enthusiast gathered in a spacious warehouse in Boulder, CO to raise money for the cycling advocacy group PeopleForBikes.  It was an opportunity for the cycling community in Boulder to trade biking adventures and win goods donated by leading cycling brands including SockGuy.

By the end of the night, over $2,000 was raised.

PeopleForBikes is a cycling advocacy group committed to making cycling easier, better-funded, and safer for all!

Mitch Marrison of PeopleForBikes had this to say about the event.  “This was without doubt one of the most successful happy hours we’ve ever held.”

And speaking from the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C, Polar Bottle President, Judy Amabile, said this about PeopleForBikes:  “We are delighted to support the great work PeopleForBikes is doing to prove the importance of cycling to the wellbeing of communities and the environment and to secure funding for cycling at the federal, state and private levels.”

SockGuy was honored to be a part of this amazing event! You can support People For Bikes by buying their custom SockGuy socks!

SockGuy people for bikes

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – Alston Watson

Here’s Die Hard SockGuy Fan Alston Watson skateboarding at Roanoke Rapids High School in Roanoke, NC.

Alston has been skateboarding for the last 4 years.  When he’s not busy riding, he works on a clothing company he started with friends called Conspire and is filming a full length debut video.

“I love SockGuy because they’re creative and unique from other popular brands I see.”

We’re glad you like our socks and can’t wait to see your debut video!

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – John Milby

Meet John Milby from Thorndale, PA.  Here he is riding at the Launch Bike Park in Spring Mount, PA.  He’s jumping a wooden feature on the Wally’s Leg trail while wearing his black SGX SockGuy socks.

“I love SockGuy socks for the great fit. They fit better than any other socks I’ve ever worn. The fabric is also great for letting your feet breathe. I am a big fan of the 3 inch cuff and the SGX socks are also becoming a favorite. My wife has also become a huge fan of the Wooligan socks for keeping her toes warm while she is out hiking to photograph me racing.”

John has been racing mountain bikes for over 10 years up and down the East Coast and he recently won the Blue Mountain Speed and Style Jump contest.

His favorite outdoor activities include downhill mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, and camping.

In 2014, he plans on competing in the Gravity East race series.

You can follow his adventures on his blog.

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