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SockGuy Team Profile: City of Chicago’s Bicycling Ambassadors

The City of Chicago’s Bicycling Ambassadors are a team that SockGuy is proud to sponsor. Here’s more about what they’re doing in their community:

1. What are Bicycling Ambassadors?
The City of Chicago’s Bicycling Ambassadors are the bike education and outreach team from the Chicago Department of Transportation.  We talk with schools in Chicago about biking more and biking safely. We work with people of all ages throughout the city each summer.  Together with police officers, the Bicycling Ambassadors educated over 8,000 Chicagoans on how to safely share the road. In addition to the citations, 5,000 warnings were given by police to motorists and cyclists at events. Bike safety events were held at peak commuting hours at the most high-crash and high-profile intersections identified by crash data and ridership, in addition to requests by CDOT, police, aldermen and community groups.

During the 2013-2014 school year, the Ambassadors outreach included:

• 650 Public and Private Events

• Direct contact with 83,000 people; 38,000 of those being children and youth

• 75 Bike Safety Enforcement Events

• 212 School Events

• 154 Chicago Park District Day Camps

• 1,600 helmet fits

2. Why was the organization created?
The goals of the Ambassadors are safety, encouragement, and education for cyclists and pedestrians, reducing crashes and making Chicago a safer place for active transportation. The Safe Routes Ambassadors and the Bicycling Ambassadors are the largest and longest running program of their type in North America.

3. When was the organization created?
In 2001, the Bicycling and Safe Routes Ambassadors program is now starting its 14th year.

4. What is something everyone should know about the organization?
We have a youth program called the Junior Ambassadors that works with us for 6 weeks during the summer, which is the only peer-to-peer outreach program of its kind in the nation. These folks are high school aged kids that team up with the adult ambassadors to teach younger kids about bicycling safety. It’s the only peer to peer program of its kind that reaches so many kids.


5. What can people do to support the organization?
Our organization and staff are funded through a Federal Highway Safety grant through the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Division of Traffic Safety, but folks can definitely support us.  Nearly all of our equipment is donated, so if people also want to make an in-kind donation, we will definitely take it. If you’re in Chicago take a ride on the lakefront trail and grab a map from one of the Ambassadors, or go to our website (www.bicyclingambassadors.org) and request us to come to your events.

6. Why did you choose SockGuy to make your socks?
The Bicycling Ambassadors spend hours and hours riding and standing,
so we need comfortable, durable socks, and SockGuy is, of course, the obvious choice.

7. What do you like best about SockGuy socks?
SockGuy socks are super comfortable and they have so many different interesting designs. Mostly, though, they are comfortable.




SockGuy is proud to sponsor Team Swift!


Team Swift

Team Swift is a non-profit community based youth bicycling organization that develops everyone from elite bicyclists to beginners.

Since its inception, a guiding principle within Team Swift has been to contribute positively and significantly to cycling in America. Riders on the Team Swift team range from 10-18 years old. The team helps move them through the different stages during development as junior cyclists by bringing them resources such as equipment, coaching and technical advice.

Plus, coaches teach them the etiquette of cycling to help create good ambassadors for our sport as well as good community members.

SockGuy is proud to support these young athletes and to be on the team’s feet!

Team Swift 2

“They fit great, don’t slide down and keep your feet cool. It’s a winning combination!”

-Luke Lamperti (current USA Junior National Road Race, Time Trial & Criterium Champion)


Emily“I’ve never experienced any problems with SockGuy socks like I may have had with other brands. Whether I’m out on a short recovery ride or a long endurance ride, the socks keep my feet blisters free and dry. They’re so comfy that I even wear my team socks off the bike.” – Emily Abraham


Swift 3“With other socks I can feel them on my feet. SockGuy socks are so comfortable and well fitting that I forget they’re on. They wick moisture away from my feet very fast so my feet never get hot or sweaty inside my shoe. Even during the 2014 U.S.A. Junior National Criterium when my jersey and shorts were soaked in sweat and looked like I had gone swimming, my socks stayed dry.”



Good luck to Team Swift in all of their races this year!

-Ryan Clarke


Die Hard SockGuy Fan – David Bender

Meet Die Hard SockGuy Fan David Bender from Wichita Falls, TX.

David loves cycling, restoration, and running.  He especially loves cycling because it makes him feel amazing!  The burning sensation in his legs while riding makes him go faster.

He LUVs SockGuy because “These socks are really comfy.”

In his spare time, he is working on restoring a 1964 F100 Styleside.

For more information about David and his riding adventures, visit his blog.

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – Nate Hoffman

Meet Die Hard SockGuy Fan, Nate Hoffman from South Haven, Minnesota.  Here he is with his friend after getting 1st and 2nd at a spring 5K.

Nate loves triathlons and running because it gives him the runners high.  In fact, Nate has run over 500 races!

He loves SockGuy because of our comfy fit, many styles to choose from and customizable designs. Nate has never blistered in our socks, which says a lot since he’s run over 500 races!

Nate, we are glad you LUV SockGuy!

And to follow Nate’s journey, visit his blog.

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – Blake Ward

Meet Die Hard SockGuy Fan Blake Ward.  Here he is holding the “Skid Marks” sign in Mammoth Mountain during his downhill trail ride on his XC bike last August.

Blake is originally from Camarillo, California and loves to race cross country.  He rides all styles of mountain biking, road biking, and BMX.

Throughout his life, he’s had a lot of obstacles and mountain biking was his outlet.  We are happy to share that SockGuy was a part of that journey.

“SockGuy makes great socks, and they do a awesome job of capturing the opinions of cyclists.  Just the other day I bought 4 pairs of socks for my brother’s birthday that described him perfectly.  I love the variety of them.  I love that I can get awesome prices on socks that look killer.”

You can follow Blake on Instagram and Facebook.

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – Jeremiah Galyon

Meet Die Hard SockGuy Fan Jeremiah Galyon!

Jeremiah is a ultra distance runner and won the SD50, placed 2nd the PCT 50, and placed 5th in the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run.

He says that running the PCT 50 and San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run was like night and day … mostly because of his socks!

Jeremiah ran the PCT 50 without SockGuy and it was a bad move.  Let’s just say his feet were not happy.  He got smart and wore SockGuy socks for the first time on the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run and this is what he has to say:

“SockGuy socks are my new “go to” sock.  I recently completed the San Diego 100 mile endurance run in the Land Shark Channel Air.  If it wasn’t for all the existing blisters from the PCT 50 mile a month before my feet would have been very happy!  The socks wicked moisture very well and I didn’t tear holes with my big toes at the end of my socks. That may be a first for me.  I think I’ve finally found a winner in the sock category with SockGuy socks!”


We are glad you LUV our socks Jeremiah and we can’t wait to run the next race with you!

And for more information about Jeremiah and his runs, visit his website.


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