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Die Hard SockGuy Fan – Blake Ward

Meet Die Hard SockGuy Fan Blake Ward.  Here he is holding the “Skid Marks” sign in Mammoth Mountain during his downhill trail ride on his XC bike last August.

Blake is originally from Camarillo, California and loves to race cross country.  He rides all styles of mountain biking, road biking, and BMX.

Throughout his life, he’s had a lot of obstacles and mountain biking was his outlet.  We are happy to share that SockGuy was a part of that journey.

“SockGuy makes great socks, and they do a awesome job of capturing the opinions of cyclists.  Just the other day I bought 4 pairs of socks for my brother’s birthday that described him perfectly.  I love the variety of them.  I love that I can get awesome prices on socks that look killer.”

You can follow Blake on Instagram and Facebook.

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – Jeremiah Galyon

Meet Die Hard SockGuy Fan Jeremiah Galyon!

Jeremiah is a ultra distance runner and won the SD50, placed 2nd the PCT 50, and placed 5th in the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run.

He says that running the PCT 50 and San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run was like night and day … mostly because of his socks!

Jeremiah ran the PCT 50 without SockGuy and it was a bad move.  Let’s just say his feet were not happy.  He got smart and wore SockGuy socks for the first time on the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run and this is what he has to say:

“SockGuy socks are my new “go to” sock.  I recently completed the San Diego 100 mile endurance run in the Land Shark Channel Air.  If it wasn’t for all the existing blisters from the PCT 50 mile a month before my feet would have been very happy!  The socks wicked moisture very well and I didn’t tear holes with my big toes at the end of my socks. That may be a first for me.  I think I’ve finally found a winner in the sock category with SockGuy socks!”


We are glad you LUV our socks Jeremiah and we can’t wait to run the next race with you!

And for more information about Jeremiah and his runs, visit his website.


SockGuy’s Operation Happy Feet Donates 750 Pairs of Socks!

In June, SockGuy donated 750 pairs of socks to Artist for World Peace.

Since 2008, Artist for World Peace has partnered with The Good Hope Trust Orphanage Center in Kibosho-Umbwe, Tanzania to support the living and educational expenses of the children.

This year SockGuy was happy to participate in this great cause!  Socks have been on the children’s wish list.

We can’t wait to share more pictures from the trip and the smiling kids wearing SockGuy!

Die Hard SockGuy Fan – Ryan Marcyes

Ryan Marcyes SockGuy

Here’s Die Hard SockGuy Fan Ryan Marcyes showing off his BMX skills.

Ryan loves racing BMX because he’s a true competitor and loves the challenge of racing with other guys his own age and skill level.  He also loves Mountain Biking and running because it gives him a sense of freedom.

He LUVs SockGuy because they are “by far the best feeling socks I’ve slid on.”

And he should know.  Ryan served in the US Army for 29 years and has been an avid runner and mountain biker the entire time.  He’s tried a lot of socks.

But with SockGuy, he has “never gotten a hotspot or a hint of a blister while wearing the socks.”

Ryan recently retired from the US Army in October of 2013 after 20 years of service.  Now he lives in Green Cove Springs, FL with his wife and daughter and is attending college.

Thank you for your service to our country and we are proud to have you wear SockGuy!

Hagens Berman U-23 Luvs SockGuy

Hagens Berman U-23 is a program designed to development of a group of eleven riders ranging in age from 16 to 23.   Many of the riders are part of the USA Cycling national team pool and have European racing experience.

The team’s mission is ”to provide motivated bicycle racers under the age of 23 with the opportunity, guidance and resources to develop into the next generation of professionals both on and off the bike.”

SockGuy is proud to sponsor of the team and to support these young riders.

And the feeling is mutual.

Todd Herriott, Director of the Hagens Berman U-23 team, told us recently, “Thanks for the support of our program- the guys LOVE the socks.  And on top of that, we’re selling the same sock at our shop and everyone loves them- great product.  The SockGuy socks are truly the best socks I’ve ever put on.  THANKS for making such a great product.”

Thanks Todd for the LUV and for creating the opportunity for young riders to race with the national team throughout the year!

Custom Socks for Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride

The Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride SockGuy

SockGuy made custom socks for the Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride.  The ride from Jerusalem to Eilat will take place November 4-11, 2014 and is the premier cycling experience in Israel.

The glorious 5 day ride is great for both recreational riders and experience cyclists with route options based on experience.  All routes are fully supported with plentiful local food, wonderful crew and mechanics, and great overnight locations.

While on the ride, riders can support the work of The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and Hazon as well as learn about the ecological challenges in the region as the routes include the Negev desert.

SockGuy is proud to create customize socks for this great ride!

To find out more about the ride, click here.

The Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride SockGuy

The Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride SockGuy


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